LATEST RELEASE : v2.5.2 (Posted: 3.18.05) - I'll get it right someday! :D

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02.04.03 - ROMulator support started. Realtime updates possible very soon. VTEC is being worked on by Dave at PGMFI, and should be available very very soon. We're testing this as we speak. O2 sensor location found, will be finishing datalogger hopfully this weekend. My WB will be here Friday, wh00p! - TuroEDIT 2.0 released for the New Year! Dave's new boost code is a hit. Dual Maps, smooth boost transision. New Serial interpolation routine for datalogging and RTP will be a reality! Check out the features section of the ROM to see all the hot new thigns available for 2.0
10.14.03 - Quark with boost retard fixed (Download 1.25 please..). Also added a little task bar for better viewing of the windows. ROM Compare coming soon, Dual Mapped Boost Bin soon supported, and PGMFI DEV ROM (With clickable options) to be supported in next major release.. keep checking back! :)

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:. "If you have any spare brain cells, donate them to and I will put them to use.." - Dave Blundell , Founder

During the last year I have come to be apart of the best group of minds I have ever met. I will stop at nothing to see that we all succeed in our goals and as a group revolutionize an industry. I want to take this time to make sure ALL of the founders, the seniors, and the one hit wonders take a bow as the members of the group known only as get regonized for the unforgettable tasks that they have accomplished over the years.
- Jason Parker , Author TurboEDIT

  • Dave Blundell - Creator, Founder, Slave Driver: New OBD0 Boost Routine, 1wire VTEC, and keeps us all from killing each other.

  • Blake Warner "Uberteg" - Author of Uberdata and brothah in crime. Thanks for answering my ghey questions, and putting up my with need for overly described variable names and pre-teen math skills. ;-)

  • Mike Robichaud "xtensive" - Mentor to my Honda ROM editing life, ROM Editing Pioneer even, Paved the way with GhettoDyne and is breaking new ground by introducing hot new software for Nissan ECUs. Check out .

  • Nicolas (Nick) Mailloux - Author of ECUControl , Datalogging Formula Master. (Thanks for the formulas Nick, HUGE help!!)

  • George Ricketts - Behind the scenes coding guru guy! Author of the internal "AFC" code for OBD0, formulas, and virtual helpdesk of 8051 assembly!

  • " l3st4rd " - Real Time Programming capable serial interrupt handler for the OBD0 ROM! Amazing things are to come from this.. stay tuned.

  • Beta Testers - Mitch (BHG), Kevin (asmcoded), Nick (beaterKU), Jordan (shortyz), Chris (xenocron), XDEep (yes, even you, hater :P ), and anyone else who has risked running TurboEDIT or PGMFI Code in thier precious vehicles! We thank you!

  • Jeff and everyone at HMT - This group of people have always given TurboEDIT and PGMFI respect, and we're glad to serve you all with affordable engine management solutions! Thanks guys for the support!

  • Anyone else I missed - Thanks for putting in your $0.02 to help move the DIY ROM editing scene forward..
..doing more at the turn of a key, than most cars do all day.

I have since found a B16 longblock, that needed a minor rebuild. I bought it, and have everything I need to get started. Here is the plan... Build the B16 NA so I can get my LS out. Rebuild the bottom end of the LS, and take the B16 head slap it on the LS, and turbo the thing! ..all while I build my race motor.. more to come! :D

Anyone have some TurboEDIT success stories? I'd love to hear them. We will also get you featured on the website! Let's see some pics, dyno sheets, time slips, anything.. Lets hear about your hard work!
[email protected]

Upcoming features include:
  • MAP scalar Editing
  • Wide Band O2 Support
  • RTP From PGMFI Boards
  • 2D and 3D Map support
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