LATEST RELEASE : v2.5.2 (Posted: 3.18.05) - I'll get it right someday! :D

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02.04.03 - ROMulator support started. Realtime updates possible very soon. VTEC is being worked on by Dave at PGMFI, and should be available very very soon. We're testing this as we speak. O2 sensor location found, will be finishing datalogger hopfully this weekend. My WB will be here Friday, wh00p! - TuroEDIT 2.0 released for the New Year! Dave's new boost code is a hit. Dual Maps, smooth boost transision. New Serial interpolation routine for datalogging and RTP will be a reality! Check out the features section of the ROM to see all the hot new thigns available for 2.0
10.14.03 - Quark with boost retard fixed (Download 1.25 please..). Also added a little task bar for better viewing of the windows. ROM Compare coming soon, Dual Mapped Boost Bin soon supported, and PGMFI DEV ROM (With clickable options) to be supported in next major release.. keep checking back! :)

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Current Version: v2.5.2 (Posted: 3.18.05) - I'll get it right someday! :D

Current Release Notes (to users):
  • 2.5.2 - Bug fix release. Fixed injector scaling routine for percentage based cut. Fixed small glitch in the romWriteCell function in the plugin API. ..hrm.. Still waiting to get my ROMulator back to fix the ROMulator code, then I'll add Ostrich.

  • 2.5.1 - Oopsie! :D Forgot to change the ROM Properties window back from my test mode. Oh, PLUS I added Stock, 2.5bar, and 3.0bar CREATION from the MAP Sensor Size ROM OPtions menu. This means you all don't have to keep downloading different ROMs. All you have to do is select the size of the MAP sensor you want to use, then retune your fuel and ignition maps, YAY! :D

  • 2.5.0 - Blah blah blah.. here it is. :D You got your O2 options, VTEC A/C options, enlarged MAP sensor column headings correct. Plugin environment.. All sorts of goodies. Werd.

  • 2.0.11 (Try11) - This is just "fix" release, with ROMulator support renabled (I forgot from last version) and PR3 high cam Maps should be fixed. Also, I added two new minor editing features, Increment/Decrement. Highlight an area on the grid, press I to increment 0.15, and D to decrement by 0.15. Not case-sensitive. Should help for quick editing.
  • 2.0.10 Try10 - New features to this release: Colorization of the Fuel Tables based on Injector Duty Cycle, Display of Duty Cycle across the fuel Maps, Boost Fuel Table Creation, Boost Ignition Table Creation, Step-Retard as a Boost Retard Option, Vac + Boost maps displayed in the same table for easy editing, VTEC ROM support, Advanced Map Import/Export routine, Beta Plugin Interface Added w/ API, Fuel Injector Recurve for Larger injectors. Bug Fixes: PR4 checksum issue fixed.

  • 2.0.09 Try9 - ROMulator support is finished!! Any and everyone with ROMulators PLEASE test this for me. All my tests and in car updating has worked. So, let me know if you find any bugs, or your car blows up. Next a [b]HUGE[/b] bug was discovered back in version 1.x with highlighting and editing that way. Well, that bug has been fixed for reigon editing. As I was writing this, I forgot to fix it with the Editing functions (Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete). This will be fixed in Try10.exe... Sorry about that. :P However, it is fixed in Region Editing for the maps.

* - Indicates (Currently) TurboEDIT 2.0 Compatibility

Downloaded 9676 times.
(ROM Editing GUI by Jason Parker)
* NG55 1.8 Bar MAP
NG53 is the most current STABLE ROM offer. Use this BIN with the stock MAP sensor.
(PGMFI ROM - Dual Map PM6)
* NG55 2.0 Bar MAP
Use this BIN with a 2.0 Bar MAP sensor.
(PGMFI ROM - Dual Map PM6)
* NG55 2.5 Bar MAP
Use this BIN with the Motorola 2.5 Bar MAP sensor.
(PGMFI ROM - Dual Map PM6)
* NG55 3.0 Bar MAP
Use this BIN with the GM 3.0 Bar MAP sensor.
(PGMFI ROM - Dual Map PM6)

* STOCK-PR4.bin
(Stock Honda PR4 ROM)
* STOCK-PR3.bin
(Stock Honda PR3 (JDM OBD0 VTec) ROM)
* STOCK-PM6.bin
(Stock Honda PM6 ROM)
* STOCK-PM7.bin
(Stock Honda PM7 ROM)

(TurboEDIT Plugin API Documentation)
(Visual Basic 6 Template for Plugins)

PGMFI OBD0 ROM files are created through the
calaborative efforts of users!
Support the Cause!!!

..doing more at the turn of a key, than most cars do all day.

I have since found a B16 longblock, that needed a minor rebuild. I bought it, and have everything I need to get started. Here is the plan... Build the B16 NA so I can get my LS out. Rebuild the bottom end of the LS, and take the B16 head slap it on the LS, and turbo the thing! ..all while I build my race motor.. more to come! :D

Anyone have some TurboEDIT success stories? I'd love to hear them. We will also get you featured on the website! Let's see some pics, dyno sheets, time slips, anything.. Lets hear about your hard work!
[email protected]

Upcoming features include:
  • MAP scalar Editing
  • Wide Band O2 Support
  • RTP From PGMFI Boards
  • 2D and 3D Map support
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